The Convenience of Name Drop: An Easy Way to Share Contact Information

When we meet someone new, it is often necessary to exchange contact information. However, this process can be time-consuming when done manually, especially when we have to type in or copy and paste each piece of information. Luckily, a new phone feature called Name Drop makes sharing contact information a breeze.

What is Name Drop?

Name Drop is a phone feature that allows users to share phone numbers and email addresses with ease. By simply bringing their phones close to each other, users can access their contact list and select which information they want to share. This feature eliminates the need for manual input or copying and pasting, making the process of sharing contact information effortless.

How Does Name Drop Work?

To use Name Drop, both users must have the feature enabled on their phones, and their phones must be within close proximity. Once enabled, users can select the contact information they want to share and bring their phones close together. The phones will then communicate with each other, and the selected information will be shared instantly.

This feature is particularly convenient in situations where time is of the essence, such as when meeting new business contacts or in social settings where exchanging numbers is common. With Name Drop, there is no need to fumble with a pen and paper or manually type in each piece of information.

Is Name Drop Secure?

One concern with sharing contact information using a wireless feature is security. However, Name Drop is designed with security in mind. To share contact information, both users must have their phones unlocked and have the Name Drop feature enabled. Additionally, users are prompted to confirm that they want to share the information before it is transferred over Bluetooth.

It is essential to note that Name Drop only transfers contact information and does not share any sensitive data such as photos or personal messages. This feature is solely for sharing contact information, making it a safe and secure way to exchange phone numbers and email addresses.


Name Drop is a valuable phone feature that simplifies the process of sharing contact information by eliminating the need for manual input or copying and pasting. It is convenient, time-saving, and secure, making it a go-to feature for anyone who often exchanges contact information. With Name Drop, users can confidently share phone numbers and email addresses, knowing that their information is secure and the process is effortless.