iOS 17 Features: A Closer Look at New Video and Photo Options

The iOS operating system from Apple has been a favorite among mobile users since its introduction. Each update promises new features to make the user experience even better. The iOS 17 update is no exception, and it comes with some exciting features that will make your video calls and photo editing experience much better. In this article, we will examine the new video and photo options in iOS 17.

Portrait Mode for FaceTime Video Calls

The “Video” tab in the control center of iOS 17 invites a whole new level of creativity to your FaceTime video calls. One of the most prominent features of this update is the new Portrait Mode, which allows you to blur the background while on a video call. This option allows you to enhance your video call experience, especially in noisy environments by bringing more attention to the caller and his or her surroundings.

To activate the Portrait Mode feature, swipe up from the bottom of your screen while on a FaceTime call and press the “Video” tab. From there, select the “Portrait” option. The result is an enhanced, professional-looking video that puts you in focus.

Zooming in and Filter options for Photos

In iOS 17, the zoom in and filter features have evolved to give users better control and flexibility when editing photos. Users can now zoom in on photos, crop images, and apply filters simultaneously. The new interface allows you to perform various editing functions without navigating through clunky menus. The changes are intuitive and welcome, making the photo editing experience on iOS 17 smoother and more enjoyable than ever before.

Custom Stickers for iMessage

If you love sending and receiving stickers in iMessage, you’ll be thrilled with the new custom sticker feature in iOS 17. To create a custom sticker, hold down any object or part of a photo you want to turn into a sticker and select “Add Sticker.” The photo or object will now appear in the iMessage sticker panel. You can resize and move the sticker from there and even add effects.

Unfortunately, these custom-made stickers are exclusive to iMessage currently. Nevertheless, they can be a fun and creative way to make your messages more engaging. Hopefully, with future updates, iOS will also extend custom stickers to other messaging apps.

In conclusion, iOS 17 has many exciting features that users will love. With the new Portrait Mode and better photo editing options, users can look forward to an enhanced visual experience. The custom stickers for iMessage offer a new way to engage with friends and family and add fun to regular conversations. As always, Apple continues to innovate and improve its products; this update proves that.