iOS 17 and iPad OS 17 Jailbreak News

Apple’s latest iOS 17 and iPad OS 17 are being anticipated by many, and for good reason. The main features of the newest generation operating systems for iPads and iPhones have been the topic of discussions in many tech forums, and the excitement only grows as the release date approaches. However, one thing that has been a concern for many users is whether it will be possible to jailbreak iOS 17 and iPad OS 17, especially since previous versions were quite difficult to jailbreak. In this article, we will provide you with the latest news on jailbreaking for iOS 17 and iPad OS 17.

Jailbreaking of the iPad OS 17

There is good news for iPad users, as the powerful ‘powering’ team has recently managed to jailbreak the iPad OS 17 in under 24 hours. The announcement was made via the hashtag #palermain iOS 17 jailbroken in under 24 hours on various social media platforms, creating a buzz in the tech world. However, it should be noted that while the iPad OS 17 can be jailbroken, the iOS 17 cannot be as it doesn’t support ‘bellrain’ compatible devices. It is also worth mentioning that the jailbreak release is not yet available to the public, but the powering team achieved it with silio and full powering support on an iPad.

Tenorcher for Me Key

Tenorcher for Me Key is a video sponsorship by Tenorcher, which provides an assurance for users that they can remove the iCloud activation on devices they may have bought secondhandedly and have no access to the original Apple ID and password. This software is available on both Windows and Mac OS, and users can get a free trial to test it out. It should be noted that the bypass only works with devices having A7 through A11 chips but are unable to make calls, send SMS messages, or use the SIM card.

iOS 17 Developer Beta

Apple provides free access to their developer beta version of iOS 17, which has not been jailbroken yet. Access to beta systems can easily be obtained without any fees, but application development or signing requires an account. Although it is possible to download and install iOS 17 and iPad OS 17 developer beta for free, it is recommended not to do so yet as the systems are still subject to bugs and errors that can affect the functionality of the devices.


In conclusion, the latest news on jailbreaking for iOS 17 and iPad OS 17 shows that iPad users can rejoice, as their devices can be jailbroken by the powerful ‘powering’ team. However, there is no jailbreak tool yet available for iOS 17, and Tenorcher for Me Key offers a solution for removing iCloud activation. It is also important to note that while the beta versions of the systems are available for free download, it is best to wait until they are fully developed and debugged before installing them on your devices.