How to Customize Your WhatsApp Status Privacy Settings

Do you want more control over who can see your WhatsApp status? By default, your status is shared with all of your contacts, but what if you only want to share it with a select few people or exclude a few individuals from seeing it?

The good news is that WhatsApp allows you to customize your privacy settings for your status. In this article, we will discuss how to customize your WhatsApp status privacy settings so that you can have more control over who sees your status updates.

Regarding privacy on WhatsApp, it’s essential to control what you share and who you share it with. With the platform’s growing popularity, it’s become increasingly important to protect and keep your personal information private. This is where customizing your WhatsApp status privacy settings can come in handy.

Customizing Your WhatsApp Status Privacy Settings

With the increasing popularity of social media platforms, people are becoming increasingly conscious of their online privacy. WhatsApp is no exception to this trend, and the platform provides several options to help users maintain their privacy while still engaging with their contacts.

One of the primary features of WhatsApp is the Status feature, which allows users to share pictures, videos, and GIFs that disappear after 24 hours. However, not everyone on a user’s contact list may need to see their status. Fortunately, WhatsApp provides some customizable options to manage the privacy settings of the Status feature. To customize your WhatsApp status privacy settings, open the WhatsApp application on your device.

Once in the app, click the “Settings” option at the bottom right corner. From the “Settings” menu, select “Privacy” and click on “Status.” You should see three options: “My contacts,” “My contacts except,” and “Only share with.”

By default, WhatsApp sets your status to “My contacts,” meaning all your contacts can view your Status updates.

However, you may want to restrict access to some of your contacts. In such cases, select the “My contacts except” option. This option allows you to exclude specific contacts from seeing your status.

To customize your excluded contacts list, click on the “My contacts except” option, and a list of your contacts will appear. All you need to do is select the contacts you wish to exclude, and they won’t be able to see your status updates. On the other hand, suppose you only want to share your Status updates with a select few contacts. In that case, you can use the “Only share with” option.

After selecting the “Only share with” option, choose the specific contacts you want to share your Status updates with and click “Done.” Remember that only the contacts you selected can see your Status updates.

It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp offers additional options to keep users’ statuses private. You can restrict access to your Status updates to only those contacts with your phone number.

To do this, select the “Privacy” option in the Settings menu, and then enable the “Contacts” option under “Who can see my info.” You can also restrict access based on your chat groups. From the “Status” screen, click on “Privacy” and select “My contacts except.” Then select the “Groups” option to see a list of your chat groups. This option will allow you to exclude your Status updates from specific group chats.

WhatsApp provides excellent options to help users customize their privacy settings for the Status feature. You can control who sees your Status by selecting the right privacy settings. Whether you want to show your Status updates to all your contacts, restrict access to a few contacts, or exclude some contacts from seeing them, WhatsApp has got you covered.

These settings can be changed anytime, so feel free to experiment with them and choose the ones that best suit your needs. In the next chapter, we will discuss excluding specific contacts from seeing your WhatsApp Status. *Note: This is not yet the conclusion.*

Excluding Contacts from Your WhatsApp Status

If you want to keep some of your contacts from viewing your WhatsApp status, you’re in luck, as WhatsApp allows you to exclude specific contacts from viewing your status updates.

Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and go to “Settings”
Step 2: In the settings section, navigate to “Privacy”
Step 3: Within Privacy, select “Status”
Step 4: You’ll see an option that says, “My contacts,” which is the default setting for sharing your status
Step 5: Tap on “My contacts except” to exclude specific contacts from seeing your status
Step 6: Once selected, you can choose which specific contacts you want to exclude from viewing your status updates

This allows you to customize your status privacy without blocking specific contacts entirely. It’s important to note that when you exclude someone from your status, they won’t be notified.

They won’t see your status updates, even if you have them saved in your contact list. Moreover, if you ever want to change your exclusion list, you can do so by going back to this section and removing or adding contacts from the exclusion list. Lastly, if you have a small-sized contact list, it may be easy to exclude a few people from watching your status.

Nonetheless, if you have a larger list, it may require you to carefully review your contact list to select which individuals you want to exclude. This feature is a useful tool for individuals who perhaps don’t want everyone in their contact list to view their status updates. Next, let’s explore the feature that allows you to share your WhatsApp status with specific contacts only.

Sharing Your WhatsApp Status with Specific Contacts Only

Are you tired of sharing your Whatsapp status with every contact in your list? Do you have a select group of friends or family members with whom you want to share your status? Then the “Only share with” feature is perfect for you!

To begin, open Whatsapp and go to “Settings”. From there, navigate to “privacy” and select the “Status” option. By default, your status is set to be shared with all your contacts. However, if you want to limit the audience to specific people, select the “Only share with” option.

Once you have selected your contacts, your status updates will only be visible to them. You can add and remove contacts from this list anytime, giving you full control over who can view your Whatsapp status.

This feature is particularly useful if you want to share personal updates with close friends or family without worrying about other contacts viewing them. It can also be helpful for businesses that want to share status updates with a select group of customers or clients.

It’s important to note that selecting the “Only share with” option will exclude anyone not on your selected list from viewing your status. So, if you want to maintain a wider audience for your status updates, it may be best to use the “Share with all” option instead.

In addition, it’s always a good idea to regularly review your list of selected contacts to ensure it’s still relevant and up-to-date. This way, you can ensure that your status updates are only being shared with the people who matter most to you.

The “Only share with” feature is a great way to customize your Whatsapp status privacy settings and share updates with a select audience. Try it today and see how it can improve your Whatsapp experience!


Customizing your WhatsApp status privacy settings can be a simple yet effective way to control who views your status updates. Whether you want to exclude certain contacts or share with specific ones only, the process is straightforward and can be adjusted anytime.

It’s important to remember that privacy settings only work if you use them properly. For example, excluding someone from your status may not be enough if they can still see your profile picture or other information. Similarly, sharing your status with only a few specific contacts may not protect your privacy if those contacts can easily share it with others.

That being said, customizing your WhatsApp status privacy settings is a good start to protecting your privacy and controlling who sees your updates. It allows you to share updates with only those you trust or exclude those you don’t want to share, making for a more personalized experience.

Remember to check your privacy settings occasionally to ensure they align with your preferences. With the ongoing updates to the WhatsApp app and the ever-changing landscape of privacy concerns, it’s important to stay vigilant and aware of your options.

In conclusion, customizing your WhatsApp status privacy settings is a quick and easy way to control who sees your status updates. Whether you want to exclude certain contacts or share with specific ones only, the process can be adjusted at any time to suit your preferences. Stay mindful of your privacy settings and enjoy a more tailored experience on WhatsApp!